Incendiary Article on President Obama is Forbes September cover story

The article is a must read whether you agree with it or not. Many discount the author’s thesis (which is best captured by the article itself) as distorted, but history reveals that many leaders have motives and values that are only partially understood, or misunderstood entirely, while in power. For a man to rise to the heights of power takes the strength of a core ambition and drive which may seem far fetched.

There is no question the article itself is full of compositional techniques to make the author’s arguments appear absolute and air tight, perhaps to a fault. I find it hard to digest, but even if the author’s tracing of the “true source” of Obama’s actions proves false, I do find the common threads of his actions in office to be troubling and his lack of success articulating a vision for America unfortunate…and yes, I voted for him.

Also, the most important element of the story may be the fact that Forbes published it on its cover. The article is a gloves-off inquiry of the President which frequently read like an outright attack. I think it is a bellwether of more to come.


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