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Curiosity and Imagination

July 24, 2010

Do not confuse curiosity and imagination. Both are talents. Both are unique from each other. Oftentimes, both can lend a hand to each other, which might be why it is easy to confuse them.

Curiosity is about seeing what “is” and digging, investigating for more truth. Imagination is about seeing what “could be.”

Curiosity is more aligned with “why” and imagination is more aligned with “what if.”


Oh yeah, things are looking up!

July 21, 2010

Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words.

Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis

Riff on Personal Responsibility

July 17, 2010

Once you remove severe illness and death of those you care about, even when the chips are down, you need to give yourself credit for 90% of what got you to that point, and only 10% to circumstances.

Today, with the economy where it is, it is tempting to assign blame for our problems everywhere but to ourselves, but that is something to avoid. When we assign blame elsewhere, rather than accepting that our choices and actions led to where we are, we retrospectively cede our own control over our life, and in turn lower the value we place in our ability to be in control of our life in the present and future. This is not about assigning blame to ourselves and “kicking ourselves.” It is about maintaining that outlook of personal responsibility so we may operate from that perspective every day.