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November 13, 2009

We are less clear headed when we feel out of control. We feel less in control under stress because stress causes anxiety which affects our confidence and amplifies fear. Under stress, it is important to maintain perspective on what you can control and what you cannot. Equally important is to maintain perspective. Under stress, perception of risk is distorted.


Calling out the critic

November 12, 2009

This brand “critic” failed in about half her commentary.

Nine worst social media fails of 2009

Grey’s altar…lame enough, I would agree. However, subjectively offensive content per se alone does not mean “fail”. The critique was too general, and frankly I was bored with the mention.

Quizno’s sex ad, get over it. It wasn’t great, mainly because it was poorly produced. But using sex to sell is nothing new, and again, offensive to some never equals “fail” in marketing. Frankly, if it were better produced, it could have had staying power as a campaign. Miller Lite’s campaign with the competing “sexy girls” is a good example. Sex-related content in brand advertising is proven, but it is a genre of marketing that must be executed properly, and detail matters.

on Motrin, this whole thing ended up being incredibly successful because it got so much coverage. Even the author admits she imagines sales were untouched. More likely they went up, and with no long term brand issue, other than perhaps, innovative.

Denny’s, if her commentary is correct, I agree with it.

Jack in the box… actually, seems like a very clever way to test reach. More to the point, the near-death plot is nothing new on television or advertising. These “offended” “sensitive” people she continuously mentions are a sheltered bunch that must only watch PBS anyway.

Skittles…way off. nobody goes to a candy web site. that’s why you do something way funky. so people talk about it offline first, not online. and then they actually go online. is it great? no. is it as bad as the author describes? please.

Pizza hut…this is the author running out of material.

Burger king…This is a memory and complex brain activity campaign and it is very strong. It’s sticky and retained. If 23,000 people actually did this, perhaps about 2 million thought it through, which would be phenomenal branding. The goal is just to get someone to compute, would I give up 10 online friends for a Whopper? What a fantastic campaign. No surprise, the critic missed it completely. The only issue I have is, Burger King’s in store product delivery is so bad over the years, it is almost as bad as Arby’s.

CNN/Ashton…proving this author is a clueless critic, her saying this was a fail needs no retort.

Takeaway? Social media is a pioneering place for marketers. There are a lot of people who think they have a clue, but don’t.