When will it end? IT leading the blind does not work!!!

Airlines – “pricing optimization” systems run amok to the extent that people simply prefer driving.
Government – buying a hunting license requires a file folder of dates and records and trivia
Cable – All choices are universally bait and switch
More cable and telecommunications – Fees, contracts, “bundles” to keep obsolete or unneeded services
Utilities – surcharges which are really excessive taxes which pay for things the utilities should pay for themselves
Credit cards – byzantine fee structures all over the place
Credit rating – what other than a network of computers generates this perfect three digit number for each person
Rewards cards – why why why! Why does a loaf of bread cost less this way. (I know all the reasons why, and they are all sinful)

Some industries are plagued by bureaucracy, consumer fleecing and other sins, and have been before and after the growth of IT. But with IT’s growing horsepower, IT enables automation of these same misguided formulas and magnify them all out of proportion.

It is external to the customer. It is in the inner working of the companies themselves…ever dealt with a company that has had major M&A activity (you have even if you didn’t know it)??…these are nightmares.

Of course the entire financial system is full of dysfunctional complexity promoted as innovation.

This growing balloon of endless mazes of complexity in every corner of modern industries has to have true cultural and anthropological forces at work. My belief? MBA’s, an overabundance of corporate-y attorneys, a huge lack of REAL men and REAL women acting like REAL humans, and IT. Endless capacity of IT. The average contract in real estate – the industry I am in now – is north of 40 pages of tiny print. That is a basic one.

It is a needless waste of mediocre brainpower. Even men of great talent…in this environment they are reduced to trudging through the weeds with the rest of us. In 25 more years, will it be better or worse?


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