tea party

The tea party thing is frustrating. Until there is a legitimate third party which promotes transparency at the expense of lobbyists, incumbent leadership and staff, special interests, and other sacred cows, don’t expect a lot of change…or a fundamentally improved economy.

Obama’s financial agenda is largely reactive. You can criticize his social agenda or his unabashed attaching of his social agenda to his financial one. But his financial agenda, which is really not his agenda at all, is reactive to a problem foisted on him, and he deserves no blame for the current economic state of affairs. Unfortunately, he lacks the technical competecency to come close to dealing with the issues and lacks the “officer corps” under him to get to the essence of the issues. Obama’s leadership style is not ideal for this time; it will be interesting to see if he can adapt to become the leader we need. I hope so.

The tea parties are revolting not because the messages are wrong (which by and large they are) but because they perpetuate the fundamental problems they protest. To tea party attendees, my general response is, go buy a mirror on your way home. And to the propoganda artists, go get a real job.

It’s ironic our culture’s flavor of the month is an adaptation of a historical event from hundreds of years ago, which is an incorrect, inappropriate and untimely metaphorical reference. As per normal, intellectual honesty loses to emotional chicanery.


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