Notes I found in my phone from who knows when

I enjoy myself more doing less and thinking about less. Doing and thinking about only what matters to me.
Being nice definitely pays off. Good nice, not lame nice or fake nice.
Being sick is a great excuse to be lazy.
Thinking your life is unique is delusional unless you are a one of a kind person leading a one of a kind life, right? Otherwise, it’s all pretty much the same.
When I started to enjoy other people more, I recaptured some of my sanity.
There are a lot of kinds of happiness. And a lot of times, we are faking.
Language is really cool. When you can record a thought, it’s just cool. If you can be artful with language, it’s special.
Being good communicating with words is not the opposite of being good communicating without words.
The fact that your instincts have failed you before means nothing.
Your past always makes you more interesting. Not the knowledge of it. Just it.
Sometimes I envy a much simpler mind but this is analagous to a kid wanting ice cream for dinner every night.
Often, I am least bored doing ‘nothing.’
When you watch a decent movie a second and third time, you see more, there is more entertainment value. Life is the same way.
All men are not created equal. Or is it equally? Either way.
If your bet’s in your pocket, are you really playing the game?


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