Freedom Necessitates Responsibility

With a little perspective, it is easy to see that the country and the economy is dealing with the symptoms of irresponsibility. In too many ways on too many levels, the majority took the easy way. Those in power took the easy path. Pandering. Fast money. And the slightest bit of hard work we would reward with consumption. Inevitably, laws as sure as gravity dictate that over time you cannot eat more than you kill, as an individual or as a whole. This is what we have done.

The problem with being in the throes of the symptoms is your need to treat symptoms. I don’t really have a problem with treating symptoms, immediate pain relief. The problem is what does treating symptoms have to do with the underlying illness? Freedom necessitates responsibility. When you are irresponsible, freedom shrinks.

My biggest hope is 2009 is a turning point for personal responsibility to make a big comeback. Unfortunately, many don’t even know what that really means.

One way or another, personal responsibility will make a comeback, I just hope it happens sooner rather than (dangerously) later.


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