Terra Firma

A funny thing happened yesterday. The stock market moved up significantly yesterday on a rosy bit of good news from Citigroup. Of course, this news is barely meaningful to most people, most companies, and the general economy. That wasn’t interesting. Neither is the fact that in all likelihood any gains from yesterday and any ensuing gains this week will be given up again. What is interesting is how many people understand this. In a sense everybody “around the water cooler” understands this now. To me, of great importance when bad things happen is acceptance. Not acceptance to give up, but acceptance to be comfortable and clear headed recognizing a reality that is hard to face. I’ve found understanding and fully accepting reality is the hard part. Only then can you find “terra firma” and respond in earnest. I don’t think we’re there yet (I don’t even think I’m there yet), but I think we’re getting there.


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