You’re a social creature whether you like it or not

You ever go to the bathroom and realize your fly’s been down for who knows how long? And maybe you were on a date or in a business meeting. Something important. You get a little jolt of something? Kind of embarrassment, pissed-offness, a little “oh shit” feeling, you know? And it’s a quick shot of something. You feel it. Every man has this. You get this because you know, having your fly down doesn’t help in this life. Two points. One, keep an eye on that kind of stuff. And two, don’t pretend that respect doesn’t play a role, a big role, in dealing with people. Cause if it didn’t, you wouldn’t get that feeling. Cause that’s all that happened while your fly was down. You probably didn’t offend anybody, hurt anybody. The only thing that happened was you exposed yourself (and I don’t mean literally as much as figuratively). Maybe nobody respects you less afterward, but you exposed yourself to that. Your body gave you an electric shock as punishment for exposing yourself like that. See, every man wants respect and wants to protect that no matter how fuck-horrible they are at it. Your body’s genetic, animal makeup is in tune with protecting the respect people have in you. So if you’re not consciously in tune with that, if you’re one of these “I don’t care what people think of me because I am above that” types, you’re kidding yourself.


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