On challenges

Challenge yourself constantly. I’ve found when I challenge myself, I am energized. So do it. Because energy is a very good thing. When I do not challenge myself, I become tired. I relent. The worst thing you can do is put yourself in a big challenge, challenge yourself to something big, and then not challenge yourself on all the little things it takes to win the big one. That is the biggest sham you can put on yourself. Trust me, I’ve found this out the hard way. First of all, you’re not going to be energized, because “win” or “lose” the energy only pays off on challenges when they reach fruition. And a big challenge takes too much time. You need this energy along the way. And second, and this of course appeals to the rational mind, you probably cannot win the big challenge if you cannot take on the little challenges on the way. Big challenges are generally just a big collection of little challenges.

Oh, and with any challenge, make sure you win the people challenges that are part of it. Otherwise, start digging your own grave.


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