Push mobile applications

Push mobile applications are questionable. Why? Because they are almost always oriented around push to facilitate push advertising. Don’t play games…squeezing in a little push advertising is still intrusive, interruption-oriented advertising.

If you have a push concept, try to turn some or all of it into a pull model. Try to make your revenue model tied to the pull part. Advertising around content that I have chosen to access is ok, as long as you don’t take advantage of the tradeoff I’m making.

Give me reasons to go to your mobile-optimized site or regularly use your mobile application on my own volition.

“Pinging” me is less and less acceptable on the web and email. It never was or will be acceptable on the mobile.

Also, if I were the voice of a mobile phone user, I would whisper in your ear, “Let me download things (mostly content) instead of stream. Feed data or content to me in the background, if I let you. My Internet connection is not very reliable.”


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