Intelligence and libido


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So I came across this article:

Interesting data on IQ vs. virginity for college students

The article highlights that while 87% of college kids have had sex, only 51% of MIT students have. And more generally, students with higher than average intelligence have a lower than average likelihood of nooky during the college years. The article went so far as to draw the same correlation with kissing and even holding hands.

Possible reasons:

The taboo nature of sex increases along the intellectual curve, sexologists and the like notwithstanding.
The family structure required to rear a kid into MIT is, in a word, more structured.
For whatever reason, the smartest kids generally aren’t the prettiest.
Brains of really smart people may develop at a different pace and differently in general.

I think within a hop, skip, and jump, you can get to pretty much all the reasons from the above four.

Realities of the above can wreak havoc on perceived reality. There’s just a lot going on:

Peer comparison
Mating pressure
Traditional marketing messages

The truth is that most of the 49% of the MIT kids that haven’t had sex — and I would guess nearly all of the males in this group — would rather not be part of the group. The ugly part of this truth is that this perceived grim reality is magnified by their perception of the world. When you want something that the rest of the world seems to be getting, you don’t feel very good about it.

Like it or not, our desires are socially influenced including — maybe especially — the most private.


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