Effective mentality for meetings

Every meeting has three parts:

1. the set up
2. the meeting itself
3. the follow up

The meeting itself, is usually also a set of parts. That’s for another post.

Pay as much attention to the set up and follow up as you would to the meeting itself.

I don’t know the source, but it’s been said, “life is a series of events.” I think this thought applies well to the idea that a meeting is not just one event. The set up and the follow up are especially important because they connect the meeting with life outside the meeting. They connect the meeting’s meaning, reason, and results. They are part of connecting the participants. They can connect the meeting to other people through communication. They add and shape the meeting itself and the memory of it.

Many people don’t like meetings and think they are a waste of time. Sometimes this is true. But consider what’s going on in the set up and follow up of meetings. Even if you think a particular meeting was a waste of time, perhaps what went on in the set up and follow up of the meeting was not. You’ll find yourself wasting less time in meetings if you value their set ups and follow ups.

To me, one version of meeting nirvana is when EVERYTHING happens in the set up and follow up. When this happens, the period of interaction during the meeting itself can be better spent interacting with each other.


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