Pinger is a very nice mobile application startup. (Note, not Austin, as I’ve been trying to profile mostly local co’s, but this caught my attention)

In a nutshell, Pinger lets you send voice messages in the same way you would send text messages. By same way, I mainly mean, without the possibility of actually connecting with the recipient in a call. I love this!

Sometimes you just want to send a message, not invite a conversation. This is especially true if you want to broadcast out a message to several people at the same time.

Leaving a voice message has some perks to leaving a text message, but I won’t waste your time describing what’s more a matter of preference than anything else.

My question is, how different is this than MMS service? I haven’t used MMS much, but it can do the same thing. I just tried it with my phone. The UI is a bit cumbersome, but not terribly so. Kudos to Pinger for bringing this very cool trick to my attention, but why Pinger and not my native MMS? Just curious, maybe costs of MMS? I would love to know. (Oh, how I hope it’s not just because with Pinger you can send messages to Myspace and other neat tricks for kids.)


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