Mac, Firefox, Camino, non-IE uptake

IE still is the far and away leader. But that matters less and less every day. The opinion leaders of the Web use other browsers in large numbers and use Macs in large numbers as well. Not keeping these users top of mind makes no sense for companies in the innovation business. Yes, even today some companies release software that is not Mac supported or requires IE. But I’m sure anybody developing anything meaningful for the general market now, would not start new projects making this error. The exception of course is software developed for specified environments–i.e. internal corporate software. Of course, these developers would be wise not to box themselves in either. Why would you?

I only write this because I remember working on projects several years ago where the custom was to focus on IE and make market coverage tradeoffs with ease. The bigger question back then was versions of IE. Rare was the client who would demand QA testing on Netscape.


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