itaggit — UI feature sets won’t just be nice to haves

itaggit is a site for collectors — really people in general — who want to put their stuff online. There’s some interesting features like tagging, organizing, and valuing stuff. I suspect they’re building a platform for more. Why does someone want to use itaggit? Well, why does someone want to use a database? In a way, it’s the same question. Once you get your stuff in a database, you can do interesting things with it. For example, let’s say you have lots of baseball cards. Maybe you can maintain your collection this way and decide to buy or sell or trade cards using this database as a reference. I don’t know what features are planned, but I assume there will emerge a common set of features collectors will find useful. For example, there are lots of trusted sources that value collectibles. How about real time updates from these sources associated with your items?

Then there’s the flipside, which is other peoples’ stuff. Searching other peoples’ stuff obviously becomes more interesting when more is there. Today, there’s limited content, but I don’t think they’ve made a big user push yet. This is a site, like ebay, that gets dramatically more interesting when there are lots of users. Obviously with no users, ebay would have no buyers for sellers or sellers for buyers. itaggit will have the same challenge, as many if not most web startups do. User uptake is a challenge, but as a spectator, not that interesting as everybody has the same challenge. To me what will be interesting to watch are the feature sets that emerge. Unique feature sets that drive adoption are interesting. OK, fine–if you can (in plan or in hindsight) match feature set introduction with inflections in user adoption–that would make uptake interesting as a spectator, too. :–)

Another Austin startup…several of the founders were early Motion Computing guys. Good luck, gang!


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