fiveruns keeps it real

So I learned about fiveruns a few weeks ago. I’m not a systems management guy, so I won’t even try to make any profound comments. I will say I love the look of the site. Not because it is web 2.0ish. That, in itself, is not lovable. In fact, on its own that would be more than a little cliche and unlovable. Rather, I like that it’s the way it is despite being a systems management company. I remember entering the high tech workforce in ’99/’00 and recall how the IT people were very pale and wore black T-shirts referencing things like Southpark jokes. Lest I be accused of prejudice, I also recall wondering why all the sales people looked too tan for December. Booming tanning bed market in those days, I’m sure. “Look convergence” in software has been similarly disparate.

Anyway, I do think the web 2.0 look and feel fits naturally with a 2.0ish systems management company. So kudos to those folks for going for it. Especially in Austin. You don’t see too much 2.0 around here. And I would never have predicted a systems management company funded by AV getting away with it. They do specialize in systems management for Ruby on Rails stuff, so the branding argument is pretty obvious.

Well, one of these days, I’ll find out more from people who know more than me about systems management (and about fiveruns) to provide more useful content and maybe even some self-important opinions.


2 Responses to “fiveruns keeps it real”

  1. Steven Smith Says:

    Thanks for the writeup. We appreciate any mention we can get!


  2. People Over Process » Blog Archive » links for 2007-04-20 Says:

    […] fiveruns keeps it real Someone just likes FiveRuns. (tags: fiveruns austin redmonkclients) […]

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