Boxcloud: putting a little nirvana in trafficking files

Wanna share files? Take a peak at Boxcloud.
The first time I looked at Boxcloud, I wondered what the point was. Don’t we have lots of options for file sharing? I realized, that’s kind of the point. Lots of options, but maybe not a lot of decent options. Otherwise, my email box wouldn’t still get blasted with the 9MB files whenever I happen to be working on a creative-related project. Yes, that’s annoying, but so are other burdens of versioning. Versioning during a design/collaboration project is painful. Email back and forth. Ugh.

This isn’t a new problem and I like Boxcloud’s direction. They put the author in control, on their desktop. Boxcloud is sort of an invitation for other people in a project to “come and get it yourself.” Still using the Web for connectivity, accessibility is taken care of.

I like the simplicity, too. Project sites have become really popular. But most of the time these sites are stuff-overload — by this I mean, too many features, too much set up time, too many decisions to make — to accomplish the actual project task, “right now.” Why else do things end up back in email, in the same old back and forth? Ugh.

They are in Austin, bootstrapped, founded by Ash Maurya. Good work, guys! I suspect they’re cooking up more.


One Response to “Boxcloud: putting a little nirvana in trafficking files”

  1. Ash Maurya Says:

    Thanks Andrew – We just released a simple file versioning feature today and yes, there’s lots more cooking…

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