Bazaarvoice hooks up your inner critic

Bazaarvoice is a company after my heart. I routinely “personality type” the Critic (INTP for those interested). Bazaarvoice is all about giving a voice to recommendations and opinions from consumers–thus, honoring the inner critic in us all. They do it on behalf of the biggest retailers around. Brett Hurt, the founder, is one of these guys you meet and know is cooking up something special. So it’s no surprise to find out they are growing like mad. But whenever I think of Bazaarvoice, I wonder what’s next, what’s more. Why? Because when I think of the sheer magnitude of content they are poised to deal with in a meaningful way, I think, “cool.” There’s no question that Web 2.0 in general will necessitate new editions to marketing textbooks. Bazaarvoice might be writing a few chapters. 🙂

Bazaarvoice also would appear to be a great software as a service example and I’m proud they’re in Austin. I also like how they sit at the intersection of B2B and B2C. Nicely aligned with their customer base, retailers.


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