What’s hotter than being hot?

Clue: it’s not “ice cold”!!!

So, I’ve been asking questions. I’ve been in search of why the high tech buzz in Austin is either just a low powered broadcast on an unknown frequency or absent all together. I’ve been in pursuit of answers, but I think the only answer is opportunity. Nobody has painted a picture of strategic obscurity. No one has suggested, with any sincerity, that permanent stealth has been an active choice for the Austin startup community. I think most companies, most executives, most entrepreneurs, most investors here would prefer a little more excitement–a little more buzz, more news about what’s hot, and yes, maybe even a little hype. Hype, after all, is relative. Very few want to be accused of being “all hype” — but they would definitely like a few more close-to-home hype machines, so that they can indeed get away with a little hype of their own. After all, hype is only a relative extreme of enthusiasm and excitement, which are good things when we’re talking about progress, innovation, and success.

Austin needs a few less “best kept secrets” and a few more stories — news about what’s hot, what’s up and coming, and what the big, glorious wins are going to be coming out of our town.

So I’m looking for two things. One, I’m looking for stories. I don’t care if you’re bootstrapping a hot startup, you’re in the driver’s seat of a VC-injected racecar, or you’re part of a local established company about to blow the lid off something big, I want to hear about it, and I want to broadcast it in HD! Second, I’m looking for like-minded people. People that want to help get the word out. See opportunity in feeding the buzz. Some partners that think for every cynic there is a believer.

My friend Ben Poweski clued me in on a neat acronym, FUD. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. Have the scars of the distant past still left such a permanent mark that FUD keeps the community from exercising their rightful bragging rights where deserved? I don’t know, but if so, I have another f-word for FUD and those victim of it.


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