Celltop is useful mobile eye candy

celltop — is more than a pun-like name. The project done by frog design for Alltel is also a demonstration of things to come on the mobile handset. Mobile handsets have come of age in a big way the last couple years. To me, the progress of the handsets has outpaced application/UI innovation for a while (this is in contrast to 6-7 years ago when the opposite was more or less the case). So I am probably not the first to predict an industry-wide push in application/UI efforts to play catch up.

Oh, so what exactly is celltop? Well, they will do a better job than me (here). But essentially celltop puts handy “mini-applications” at the ready on your cellphone. The “cells” are actually visual containers that sit on the phone’s interface. These cells morph (size, navigation) based on what you’re doing. So, even though you might have 8 ‘cell apps’ you only see 2 at any given time. And then when you want to focus in on 1 in particular, the UI morphs to accomodate.

The point of celltop is to make mobile more user-friendly. They did a great job and the reviews have been positive. Excellent work, guys. I’m sure frog will be subsidizing your well-deserved sabbatical to the tropical destination of your choice.


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