Mobile TV coming soon to a phone near you

Last Thursday I saw a great demo at AT&T labs here in Austin. They were actually broadcasting an IPTV variant (sorry, not a techie, so I don’t recall the technical specs) and had phones receiving the signal. This is different from the mobile TV offerings you have today, which are piped through mobile phone data networks. This is broadcast on actual spectrum.

Their setup is broadcasting in a several mile radius and the results are quite good. The Nokia demo phones were manufacturer-modified phones specific to the test, but they were modified from production phones available today in Europe. Seems like things will come together relatively quickly.

I’ve read quite a bit about mobile TV coming, but it was nice to see a lab demo of the coming of a truly commercial deployment.


One Response to “Mobile TV coming soon to a phone near you”

  1. Ben Poweski Says:

    I’m not sure which format you had the opportunity to see, but my guess is that you saw an early MMBS implementation riding on a 3G UMTS network. The CDMA based MVNO Amp’d mobile currently has a video offering. It will be interesting to see what the adoption is with Amp’d, and what it means when Cingular/ATT and T-Mobile deliver a nationwide offering.

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