Web 2.0 passed Austin by?

Hmm, this is a topic I’ve discussed with several folks lately and I get mostly knee-jerk reactions.

The possible answers are:

Sort of

I’m still doing some more research, but the answer to me is Yes, with a dash of sort of. Some of the derivative questions I have are:

Why? and Are we just Austin-fashionably late to the table?

The most concise picture I know of for illustrating Austin’s hibernation in regards to this so-called hyped, overblown cottage industry (oh please…) is from the blog of Jeff Clavier, a noted angel investor who has pretty much exclusively invested in Web 2.0 companies.

None of these companies from Austin. Almost all in Silicon Valley/San Fran. One in Boston and a couple in France (his home country). It’s “possible” the list is simply biased by the investor. Yes, that’s why I can quickly google my way over to a similar angel investor’s blog who has a list dominated by Austin Web 2.0 companies.

Jeff Clavier’s blog SoftTechVC

Click image to see a slide of investments:
Jeff Clavier’s investments (last three years)

Here’s a breakdown:
buzznet – hollywood, ca
dogster/catster – san francisco, ca
maya’s mom – palo alto, ca
mint – mountain view, ca
mybloglog – boston, ma
socializr – san francisco, ca
feedster – san francisco, ca
edgeio – palo alto, ca
truveo – san francisco, ca
kaboodle – santa clara, ca
loomia – san francisco, ca
wikio – france
brightroll – san francisco, ca
userplane – santa monica, ca
rapleaf – san francisco, ca
netvibes – paris
mashery – san francisco, ca
omnidrive – palo alto, ca


2 Responses to “Web 2.0 passed Austin by?”

  1. Jeff Clavier Says:

    Feel free to repost the slide, I will update it to remove the confidentiality statement. Good catch.

  2. andrewmbode Says:

    Thanks Jeff! I put it back in.

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