Green Marketing – Turtle Pride!

I noticed a Yahoo! story about “the great turtle race.” The race brings awareness to the leatherback turtle and the threat of the species’ extinction.

web site here: Great Turtle Race
article here:Extra! Extra!

The campaign does a great job creating benefits for the three legs of the stool needed to make an event-based campaign work.

1. Yahoo! (and Reuters, the apparent reporting agency) thrives on stories like this that blend odd/popular/feel-good. Getting on the homepage of Yahoo! is known to bring awareness 🙂 [Media partner: check!]

2. The story itself is tasteful. It highlights a threat, but allows the reader to have fun while learning about it. Who doesn’t like a good race…the dot game during the seventh inning stretch is a favorite for all. Plus, turtles. The turtle is a lovable, iconic creature we first get to know in pop-up books at two years of age. What’s more, the site itself doesn’t try to hard. They don’t go National Geographic on us. [Readers: check!]

3. Perhaps my favorite part of this campaign is how well integrated the sponsors are. The turtles are portrayed in “baseball card” fashion, and on the cards (tastefully on the back), there is a generous text snippet about the sponsor. The icing on the cake is the sponsor is able to promote its own environmentally friendly practices. For example, Travelocity chose to promote that customers can purchase “carbon offsets” for their flights on their web site. [sponsors: check plus!]

Everybody wins. Since green marketing is all the rage, look for more campaigns with similar tones. Those that don’t play the fear card too heavily and instead emphasize doing good = feeling good are the better bets.

The campaign team for this one deserves a vacation — maybe a trip to the Galapagos Islands!


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