Pseudo-spam and forgiven telemarketing

What is pseudo-spam?

It’s the email that you can say that it’s halfway okay that you got it, even though you generally don’t want it. It’s the email list you opted-in for many years ago and almost always delete without reading. It’s the stuff that doesn’t get filtered by ISP spam filters because it is not really spam…it’s pseudo-spam.

Pseudo-spam’s close cousin is forgiven telemarketing. Have you been to a theater or concert hall and ended up on their call list? Somehow, these calls are slightly better than DirectTV sales calls but, for me, are actually more annoying. Why? Because the soft spot you have for the forgiven phone call. Let’s say you like the symphony. Let’s say you go to the symphony every once in a while, but you’re not in the market for season tickets. Let’s even say you’ve expressed this fact every year for as long as you can remember. And yet, the call comes. And it’s forgiven. Your normal telemarketing-response instincts are worthless, and even though you probably won’t buy, you will be polite and you probably won’t ask to be removed from the list. That wouldn’t be nice to the symphony 🙂

Forgiven telemarketing and pseudo-spam. I’m curious how well they work. And if they do, are they good business?


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